Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

WestEd offers professional development, evaluation, research, coaching, and assessment development in all STEM subjects, including the less commonly addressed fields of technology and engineering.

Much of our work provides support for the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

We offer teacher professional development and classroom lessons to help students reach key mathematics standards, address and overcome common misconceptions, and develop academic language.

We also prepare teachers, K–8, to navigate challenging concepts in life, earth, and physical science, as well as support their students’ reading, writing, and discourse in science.

WestEd projects also use technology in innovative ways, for example, through simulations to enhance student learning and assessment.

Our National Center on Cognition and Mathematics Instruction is using cognitive science principles to redesign a mathematics curriculum and is evaluating the efficacy of the revised curriculum to determine whether it improves students’ mathematics achievement.

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