E-Cigarette Use Among Teens Catching On Like Wildfire

Photo of high school students

Recent research studies suggest that electric nicotine vaporizers, more commonly known as e-cigarettes, are creating a pathway to smoking among teenagers.

“E-cigs seem to be a stimulus, which is what the prevention community was predicting a year ago, which is that this is a pathway,” says WestEd’s Barbara Dietsch, quoted in a recent HealthLine News article.

Teenagers have rapidly embraced e-cigarettes, which began appearing in 2007. But adults, and the bureaucracies they run, have not been able to move as fast, states the article. For example, many schools have yet to clarify their tobacco policies to explicitly include e-cigarettes, according to Dietsch and fellow WestEd researcher Tom Hanson.

Dietsch and Hanson recently analyzed preliminary data from a survey they conducted on e-cigarettes and tobacco use among teenagers in California.

“[Vaping among teens] is an incredibly fast-moving phenomenon, and I think we as researchers and prevention folks have a lot to learn and to catch up with,” says Hanson, quoted in HealthLine. “While there’s so much to learn, there’s no time to learn it because it’s spreading like a wildfire.”

Source: HealthLine News
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