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Professional development should be primarily school-based and built into the day-to-day work of teaching.

Teachers learn from their work. Learning how to teach more effectively on the basis of experience requires that such learning be planned for and evaluated. Learning needs arise and should be met in real contexts. Curriculum development, assessment, and decision-making processes are all occasions for learning. When built into these routine practices, professional development powerfully addresses real needs."



This is one of eight characteristics of effective professional development identified in the Web-based resource called "The Knowledge Loom," developed by the LAB at Brown University. The Web site includes a growing collection of varied best-practices resources. Those focused on professional development are consistent with the lessons in this report. The initial collection of school stories are from these award-winning schools. More vignettes will be added over time. Check this Web site for more good ideas, or to add your own.

http://www. knowledgeloom .org/




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