Advancing Student Success: Aligning In-School and After-School Learning

By Kelly Stuart, Joan Bissell, Arron Jiron, Jeff Davis, James Gentilucci, Marcella Klein Williams, Shirley Rosenbloom, James Brescia

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After-School Learning: Implementing Top-Quality Programs—an archived three-part webinar series—facilitates conversations on the impact of after-school programs on closing achievement gaps and readying students for college and/or careers.

This webinar series also provides opportunities to increase the quality and quantity of after-school programs for K–12 students.

This series is based on The After-School Program Handbook for School Site Leaders, published by the California State University. Although some of the resources mentioned are specific to California, educators nationwide will find both the Handbook and the webinar series valuable in addressing the challenge of raising student achievement in a time of budget reductions.

The California After-School Network collaborated with WestEd’s Schools Moving Up, the U.S. Department of Education’s website Doing What Works, and California State University to offer the three webinars.

Resources for this webinar, such as audio recordings and PDFs of the PowerPoint presentation, are available for download in this folder.

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