Collaborative Conversations: Speaking and Listening in Secondary Classrooms

By Nancy Frey

Produced by SchoolsMovingUp at WestEd

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Speaking and listening are keys to developing disciplinary knowledge and skills. This webinar reviews the two major clusters in the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards: collaborative conversations and presentations of knowledge and ideas.

Webinar presenters discuss methods to facilitate more focused, purposeful, collaborative conversations between students and for fostering discourse; and how students can present their knowledge more formally in face-to-face and digital environments.

Specifically, webinar participants will:

  • Acquire a working knowledge of the Speaking and
  • Listening Standards and their value
  • Examine research-based methods for promoting speaking and listening for learning in the disciplines
  • Learn how to use technology to support speaking and listening for secondary students

  • Resources for this webinar, such as audio recordings and PDFs of the PowerPoint presentation, are available for download in this folder.
  • You can also access the complete webinar recording in WebEx with the chat.

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