Creating Critical Thinkers in the Common Core Classroom

By Jen Francone, Laura Gonzalez, Tim Budz

Produced by SchoolsMovingUp at WestEd

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This archived webinar offers participants a structure to begin planning units of study as part of the transition to the Common Core State Standards.

Considerations for this planning include backward design, instructional shifts for Common Core, 21st century learning, and the importance of formative assessment to guide instruction.

This archived webinar is part of the Secondary Literacy Partnership’s series, “Transitioning to the Common Core State Standards: Spotlight on Instruction, Assessment, and Equity.” SchoolsMovingUp at WestEd assisted the Literacy Partnership in offering this webinar series.

Members of the Secondary Literacy Partnership include the California Department of Education, the Association of California School Administrators, the California Teachers Association, and the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd.

Presenters for the series include staff from the Region IX Equity Assistance Center at WestEd, California Department of Education, and California county offices of education.

  • Resources for this webinar, such as audio recordings and PDFs of the PowerPoint presentation, are available for download in this folder.
  • You can also access the complete webinar recording in WebEx with the chat.

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