STEM Professional Learning Communities (PLCs): New Research on Design, Implementation, and Results

By Ted Britton, Rose Owens-West

Produced by SchoolsMovingUp at WestEd

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Teacher professional learning communities (PLCs) are rapidly spreading as a major strategy in the field of professional development at large, including with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers. What is the evidence for their effectiveness? Under what conditions?

Evidence is growing that shows STEM teachers who participate in well-designed and run PLCs gain content knowledge and change their instructional practices in ways consistent with promoting better student learning in science and mathematics.

Key issues in design and implementation of STEM PLCs include: shared goals and values, leadership support, issues of time and pacing, focus on student data and work products, collective responsibility for student achievement, good facilitation, and building trust.

This archived webinar is especially designed for teacher leaders, professional development coaches, and directors of curriculum and instruction. In this webinar, learn about:

  • How effective PLCs can impact teacher retention
  • Impacts of effective PLCs on teacher practice
  • What makes effective learning communities so important for student success

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