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2018 Year in Review

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From our CEO: As a mission-driven organization, WestEd has always been deeply committed to improving learning and healthy development for all. And this past year is no exception — our dedicated staff carried out groundbreaking work on over 600 new projects across the country.
Our impact in the field has been significant. Carnegie Math Pathways has dramatically increased college-completion rates, and services such as Reading Apprenticeship and Making Sense of SCIENCE has improved teacher practice and student scores. Our Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement framework has been integral to many states’ and districts’ school-turnaround efforts, and our National Center for Systemic Improvement has assisted states in strengthening outcomes for students with disabilities. With an expansive variety of other projects making a positive impact over the last year, I’m incredibly proud of our accomplishments.
I’m equally proud of WestEd’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and positive workplace where all staff can thrive. A survey conducted by an independent firm this past year found WestEd to be a national leader in employee engagement and job satisfaction. With exceptional staff committed to meeting our clients’ needs — and supporting one another — WestEd is well-positioned to continue making a positive difference for all learners in the years to come. – Glen Harvey
WestEd Core Work: 32% Technical Assistance, 29% Research & Development, 19% Training, 13% Evaluation, 6% Dissemination, 1% Policy
Contracts & Grants Revenue by Source: 31% Federal Agencies, 22% State Agencies, 17% Local Education Agencies, 11% Foundations, 19% Other Agencies
WestEd Revenues Fiscal Years 2009-2018: 167.5 million
States Where We Worked: 49
New Resources: 70
New Contracts & Grants: 631
Clients & Funders: 570
Years of Service: 52
Staff: 700+
Offices: 14 across the U.S.

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