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Aim for Algebra Institute: Implement Standards-Aligned Curriculum for Student Success

Middle school and high school teachers: Learn research-affirmed instructional techniques designed for student success in mathematics ...

Algebraic Thinking in College- and Career-Ready Standards Workshop

Enhance your repertoire of strategies to help your students develop a strong algebraic reasoning foundation for success in algebra.

Assessment-Centered Teaching: A Reflective Practice for Science Formative Assessment

Learn and implement science formative assessment practices to find out what your students, K-12, really know.

Discussion Builders Workshop: Promote K–8 Student Communication, Reasoning Skills, and Language Development

Lead effective discussions that boost collaborative and respectful critical thinking and use of academic language among your students.

Engineering for Elementary Students: Custom Teacher Workshops

Implement engineering activities into your elementary school classroom, incorporating the CCSS- Language Arts Standards. Choose from ...

Geometric Transformations Workshops: Teacher Understanding = Student Understanding

Learn instructional practices to help students, grades 6-12, understand and succeed in geometry.

Improving Mathematics Teaching: Customized Professional Learning

Engage in customized mathematics professional learning designed to enhance teachers' instructional practice and improve student achievement.

K-12 Alliance NGSS Science Institutes: Promoting Change and Fostering Excellence

Engage in professional development designed to improve science education for K-12 students, including English learners.

Learning to Lead Mathematics Professional Development Institutes

Develop a repertoire of strategies to design and implement quality mathematics professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers.

Making Mathematics Accessible to English Learners: Professional Learning Workshop

Learn to differentiate mathematics instruction and assessment for English learners and other students with diverse learning needs.

Making Sense of SCIENCE: Transformative Professional Learning that Connects Science, Teaching, and Literacy

Improve student engagement and performance by transforming teaching practice with Making Sense of SCIENCE professional learning. In ...

Math Pathways & Pitfalls Implementation Modules Institute: Boost K–8 Student Mathematics Understanding and Achievement

Increase K–8 students' — including English learners' — mathematical understanding and their ability to articulate that understanding. ...

Partnership for the Assessment of Standards-Based Science: Measuring and Ensuring Student Progress in Science

Measure and monitor student learning to ensure your students are making meaningful progress toward science literacy.

Pepper: Common Core Online Professional Development for Teachers

Through online professional development, gain knowledge and confidence in teaching with the Common Core State Standards.

STEM Education: Formative and Summative Evaluation Services, PreK-Postsecondary

Receive summative or formative evaluation services for your STEM education program in preschool, high school, college, or graduate school.

Teaching-Learning Collaborative: A Lesson Study to Enhance Student Instruction and Learning in Science

Learn and implement strategies for effective K-12 science teaching and learning based on the quality of student work.