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Health, Safety, & Well-Being

WestEd helps clients and other stakeholders foster equitable, safe, trauma-informed, and healthy environments. We promote deep engagement in learning and working, positive development and resilience, and physical, social, and emotional wellness.

Our research and evaluation studies, professional development and technical assistance, and resources help strengthen the capacity of schools, communities, and service agencies to support their students, families, and other constituents in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to succeed  — especially those in the most challenging circumstances.

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Making a positive difference in the field

  • Anthony Petrosino

    Anthony Petrosino

    Director, Justice and Prevention Research Center

    Anthony Petrosino has spent the past 30 years conducting research and evaluation studies in areas such as school safety, criminal and juvenile justice, violence prevention, and public health. Currently, he co-directs seven federally funded field studies, including four school safety studies for the U.S. National Institute of Justice.

    He also serves as a non-voting expert on the Nevada Governor’s Task Force on School Safety. Petrosino has published more than 150 monographs, articles, and book chapters and has been inducted by the Academy of Experimental Criminology as an honorary fellow.