Schools, Districts, & State Education Systems

WestEd understands that to improve learning for children, youth, and adults, it is essential to support and enhance the effectiveness of education systems at all levels.

Accordingly, our staff collaborate with schools, districts, and state education agencies to develop and help implement strategies that build capacity and create highly effective learning organizations.

WestEd partners with schools and districts to provide research-based services to improve education outcomes and turn around low-performing schools and districts.

Our approach focuses on high-quality staff and leadership, effective curriculum and assessment, productive classroom instruction, and a safe and positive school environment.

WestEd houses three federally funded regional comprehensive centers (California, Mid-Atlantic, and West) and two national comprehensive centers: The Center on School Turnaround and the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation.

Our staff in these centers help state education agencies that, in turn, help their districts and schools meet student achievement goals.