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Area of Work

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

WestEd helps encourage curiosity, collaboration, and community in all science and math classrooms and promotes student engagement through culturally relevant, substantive learning experiences. 

Our innovative research, evaluations, curriculum development, assessment, and professional development opportunities span all STEM subjects. From helping students complete introductory college math requirements at triple the rate of their peers to putting a new twist on classic scientific subjects like energy or the states of matter, WestEd offers a diverse portfolio of work that enhances STEM teaching and learning.

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Featured WestEd Experts

Making a positive difference in the field

  • Sharon Nelson-Barber

    Sharon Nelson-Barber

    Director, Culture and Language in STEM Education

    Sharon Nelson-Barber, a sociolinguist, directs Culture and Language in STEM Education within WestEd’s Science and Engineering content area. Her research centers on understanding how students’ sociocultural contexts influence how they make sense of schooling in mathematics and science.

  • Michelle Tiu

    Michelle Tiu

    Director of Educational Technology

    Michelle Tiu is the Director of Educational Technology and part of the Learning and Technology team at WestEd. Tiu’s work focuses primarily on the research and evaluation of educational technology resources. She has in-depth experience working with small businesses to develop and evaluate educational technology tools in quick-turnaround research and development projects through the Small Business Innovation Research program.

  • Kirk Walters

    Kirk Walters

    Director, Mathematics

    As WestEd’s Director of Mathematics, Kirk Walters leads a team of experienced researchers, curriculum developers, and technical assistance providers working to improve math outcomes for underserved communities at the PreK–12, adult basic education, and community college levels.