Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

WestEd offers professional learning, evaluation, research, coaching, and assessment development in all STEM subjects.

We offer, for example, teacher professional learning and classroom lessons to help students, K–12, reach key mathematics standards, address and overcome common misconceptions, and develop academic language.

WestEd’s Making Sense of SCIENCE iss a transformative approach to professional learning that connects hands-on science with integrated teaching and literacy supports.

Backed by rigorous research, MSS professional learning empowers teachers, staff developers, and science educators with the knowledge and skills needed to support a culture of productive learning.


WestEd’s K-12 Alliance NGSS Science Institutes helps teachers expand their understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards so that each student can reach his or her highest potential.

Our Math Pathways & Pitfalls Implementation Modules Institute helps teachers increase K–8 students’ mathematical understanding and their ability to articulate that understanding.