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Area of Work

College & Career

Every student deserves the opportunity to excel in college and career. As such, WestEd staff provide expertise on effective practices and transition strategies focusing on secondary education, community colleges, universities, adult education, and workforce development.

We conduct research and evaluation studies, develop and visualize measures of college and career readiness, help states establish policies and plans, and provide evidence-based professional development that strengthens pathways to student success in higher education and beyond.

Services to Help You

Improving Secondary Education and Transition: Professional Development Opportunities

Create transition language that is compliant and meaningful for individualized education programs of students with disabilities.

Professional Development

P-16 Reform Assistance to High Schools and Postsecondary Institutions

Learn how to interpret and use data, research, and/or policy related to secondary and postsecondary education.

Technical Assistance

Reading Apprenticeship for Higher Education: Promoting Student Engagement and Achievement

Learn how to integrate high-impact pedagogical practices designed to help your college students develop discipline-specific reading, writing, researching, and problem-solving skills. Gain knowledge and access tools through Reading Apprenticeship professional ...

Professional Development

Secondary/Postsecondary Facilitation

Want to better understand the barriers to successful student transition from secondary to postsecondary education? WestEd facilitates discussions among educators and/or students on this key issue. We identify critical information on a given topic related to ...