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Area of Work

English Learners

Using deep expertise and evidence-based knowledge, WestEd strengthens practice and policy to accelerate achievement among English learners. We conduct research and evaluation studies, and provide professional development and other services that help address the dual needs of students who must master academic content and the English language simultaneously.

Our approach recognizes that language is best learned in the context of rigorous academic content learning for students at all grade levels and all English language proficiency levels.

Boston Compact English Learner Initiative

This collaborative effort helped teachers and leaders in public, charter, and Catholic schools in the greater Boston area improve academic outcomes for English learners.

California Department of Education/Early Childhood Education Faculty Initiative Project

This project offers opportunities for college faculty to examine California Department of Education initiatives and publications as they relate to college coursework.

Exploring Longitudinal Outcomes and Trajectories of English Language Learners

How do secondary newcomers to U.S. schools vary in their achievement, and how can they be better supported?

How I Know: Designing Meaningful Formative Assessment Practices

What do teachers need to know so that their students understand how they are doing each day; they can evaluate the quality of their students' work; and students and teachers can make decisions about next steps in learning?

Math Pathways & Pitfalls

WestEd's Mathematics Case Methods Project has developed Math Pathways and Pitfalls student lessons with proven success for English- and Spanish-speaking students from kindergarten through 8th grade.

Migrant Student Information Network (MSIN)

This project helps California's Migrant Regions produce the unduplicated count of migrant students in the state, as required by the U.S. Department of Education.

Quality Teaching for English Learners

Quality Teaching for English Learners provides elementary and secondary school educators nationwide with the tools they need to accelerate language development, academic literacy, and disciplinary knowledge of all students, particularly English learners.

Reading Apprenticeship Community College STEM Network

The Reading Apprenticeship Community College STEM Network aims to increase retention and success of all community college STEM students.

Research Partnerships

The Regional Educational Laboratory West partners with regional, state, and district research alliances of diverse education stakeholders to address their specific education concerns. This work involves two interdependent goals: improving educational practice and using high-quality data and research evidence to inform that process.

Research Studies

WestEd's Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West) conducts research that addresses key questions of importance to regional stakeholders.

Word Learning Strategies: A Program for Upper-Elementary Readers

Word Learning Strategies is a supplementary program to improve vocabulary and reading outcomes for fourth and fifth grade students in English language arts.