Health, Safety, & Well-Being

Healing Our Children: Insights on Trauma-Informed Practices in Education

Caretaker and Toddler

In this Q&A, WestEd experts discuss the far-reaching effects of trauma and how educators and administrators can foster trauma-informed environments in their classrooms and schools.Read More

Five Misconceptions About School Shootings: New Research Brief

Five Misconceptions About School Shootings

What does research say about school shootings and their perpetrators? Do all shooters fit a specific profile? Learn about meaningful steps schools and communities can take to reduce the likelihood of...Read More

School Climate and Wellness Webinars

Children working together

Watch four webinars designed to help you plan and implement policies and practices that improve climate, engage students and staff, and support the needs of all members of the school community.Read More

Creating a More Positive, Connected School Climate

Learn about a student-led effort to break down barriers and implement restorative justice practices in Louisiana’s largest school district.Read More

Create Happier and Healthier School Communities: School Climate and Wellness Webinars

Photo of kids

Plan and implement policies and practices that support the school community.Read More

Jenny Betz to Give Keynote Presentation on School Climate

Jenny Betz

Jenny Betz will serve as keynote speaker at the Building Healthy Schools conference August 15, in Palo Alto, CA. Read More

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses in Criminology

WestEd Published Articles

New article from WestEd's Anthony Petrosino, Claire Morgan, and Trevor Fronius. Read More

Petrosino Named to Nevada Governor's School Safety Task Force

Anthoy Petrosino

Task Force members include state officials, legislators, superintendents, principals, teachers, students, and parents. Read More

New Research Brief Examines School Police and School Safety

hat Do We Know About the Effects of School-Based Law Enforcement on School Safety?

Does having a police presence make schools safer for students, teachers, and staff? Read More

Trevor Fronius to Present on Bullying at International Conference

Trevor Fronius

The research-based conference will be held July 15-17 in Portsmouth, NH. Read More