Area of Work

Health, Safety, & Well-Being

WestEd helps clients and other stakeholders foster equitable, safe, supportive, and healthy environments. We promote deep engagement in learning and working, positive development and resilience, and physical, social, and emotional wellness.

Our research and evaluation studies, professional development and technical assistance, and resources help strengthen the capacity of schools, communities, and service agencies to support their students, families, and other constituents in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to succeed  — especially those in the most challenging circumstances.

Analysis of NAEP/NIES for American Indian and Alaska Native Students

The goal of this study was to identify malleable factors that, if changed, could improve teachers' practices in order to improve American Indian and Alaska Native student achievement in mathematics.

Bridging Cultures Project

The Bridging Cultures Project was created to support teachers to use cultural knowledge to increase the educational success of their students.

Bullying and Disability: Student Survey Analysis

Do high school students who have a disability report being bullied more than non-disabled students? Read this and other key findings in WestEd's Bullying and Disability research study.

Comprehensive Social Services for Vulnerable Adults: Evaluation of Better Futures Minnesota

Read about WestEd's evaluation of a support program for chronically homeless, male ex-prisoners.

POLARIS: Pacific/Polar Opportunities to Learn Advance and Research Indigenous Systems

POLARIS fostered healthy communities in healthy environments; encouraged social and educational transformation; and brought a uniquely indigenous world view to new frontiers of knowledge.

Restorative Justice Practices in U.S. Schools

WestEd provided a comprehensive picture of restorative justice in schools, laying the groundwork for future research, implementation, and policy.

Tribes Learning Communities Outcome Evaluation

Is the Tribes Learning Communities Program, an innovative school-based violence prevention program, having a positive impact? Read key findings.