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Scared Straight

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Scared Straight and other similar programs are ineffective and likely increase juvenile recidivism rates, according to research. Read More

Preparing Adult English Learners for Career Success: Evaluation Report

Cover Silicon Valley ALLIES Innovation Initiative Evaluation Report

Read WestEd's evaluation findings of a program designed to prepare adult English learners for the workforce.Read More

Research & Evaluation: Learn About Our Studies and More

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Our Research & Evaluation web section features studies, reports, news, and more. Explore today.Read More

Scared Straight and Other Juvenile Awareness Programs: A Systemic Review

Cover Scared Straight and Other Juvenile Awareness Programs for Preventing Juvenile Delinquency: A Systematic Review

Does Scared Straight prevent crime or lead to more criminal behavior? Download this systemic review report.Read More

School Professional Climate and Teacher Evaluation: Research Brief

Cover for Relationship Between School Professional Climate and Teachers' Satisfaction with the Evaluation Process

Most teachers in this study sample are satisfied with the process for evaluating their performance.Read More

Toward Parent–Teacher Transformative Agency for Educational Justice

Published Articles

The authors, including WestEd's Sola Takahashi, discuss potential impact of parent-teacher participatory design-based research.Read More

Top Research & Evaluation Reports for July

Top 10 Research and Evaluations reports

Analyzing Student-Level Disciplinary Data tops WestEd's research and evaluation reports. Read More

Formative Case Study on Long-Term Unemployment: Recent Research

Cover Piloting Platform to Employment® in San Francisco: Lessons from a Formative Case Study of a Program to Address Long-Term Unemployment

Read lessons learned from WestEd's study of a program designed to address long-term unemployment in San Francisco.Read More

Research Review Coauthored by Petrosino Makes Top 5 Downloads

Anthoy Petrosino

A review of Scared Straight programs, coauthored by Anthony Petrosino, is ranked #5 in international online library. Read More

Join WestEd at the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy Symposium

Teachers working together in PD session

Joseph McCrary, Katie Grogan, and Jenna Terrell will present on the school safety research panel. Read More