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Area of Work

Health, Safety, & Well-Being

WestEd helps clients and other stakeholders foster equitable, safe, trauma-informed, and healthy environments. We promote deep engagement in learning and working, positive development and resilience, and physical, social, and emotional wellness.

Our research and evaluation studies, professional development and technical assistance, and resources help strengthen the capacity of schools, communities, and service agencies to support their students, families, and other constituents in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to succeed  — especially those in the most challenging circumstances.

Services to Help You

Bridging Cultures Between Home and School Institute: Understanding Cultural Differences for Student Success

Work effectively with students and families whose cultural backgrounds stress the value of collaboration and group effort above individual academic achievement.

Professional Development

California School Climate, Health, & Learning Survey (CalSCHLS) System and Data Workshops

Educators: Measure school climate, social-emotional health, and learning with comprehensive student, staff, and parent surveys. Learn how to use and disseminate school climate survey data.

Professional Development

School Climate and Wellness Partnership: Working Together to Support Student and Staff Success

Positive, inclusive, and healthy schools make success possible for students and teachers. Work with us to design and implement a school climate and wellness improvement plan aimed at strengthening the conditions necessary for effective teaching and learning.

Professional DevelopmentTechnical Assistance

Trauma-Informed Practices in Early Childhood (TIP-EC)

Learn about trauma and its impact on young children's learning and development. Understand how to use strategies that are sensitive to children who may have experienced trauma and that support the health, healing, resilience, and well-being of these children. ...

Professional Development