Area of Work

Standards, Assessment, & Accountability

WestEd helps clients develop comprehensive standards and standards-based assessment and accountability systems. Our work impacts students of all ages and learning paths, including early childhood, K–12, postsecondary, and career technical education..

We partner with clients nationwide, providing policy guidance and assessment design services responsive to local contexts. We create customized, research-based solutions that fairly and validly gauge student performance, and we provide guidance for educators and policymakers on making the best use of results.

Services to Help You

Creating and Implementing Innovative College- and Career-Ready Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Get research-based support to create and implement innovative and cohesive K-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment systems to help ensure students are college- and career-ready.

Professional Development

Early Math Initiative: Pre-K Mathematics Workshops for Supporting Children at Home & in the Classroom

Want to close the achievement gap in your early education program? Participate in WestEd's Early Math Initiative by attending a Pre-K Mathematics Workshop, where we use a hands-on approach and provide instruction to both pre-kindergarten and transitional ...

Professional DevelopmentTechnical Assistance

Formative Insights: Assessment for Learning

Learn to use formative assessment to improve instruction, while also developing new practices and cultural norms that help students gain the skill and will to monitor and advance their own learning toward better outcomes.

Professional Development

Next Generation Assessment and Accountability Systems: Strategic Development and Technical Assistance

Ensure standards, assessment, and/or accountability programs, policies, and systems are in place to support K-12 student learning.

Technical Assistance