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Area of Work

Teachers & Leaders

WestEd strengthens knowledge and policies to help teachers and administrators meet the rigorous demands of their work. By developing the effectiveness of our nation’s education leaders through research and carefully tailored programs, we ultimately contribute to improving student learning outcomes.

This work entails developing high-quality practices and programs for comprehensive teacher learning, from preservice through teacher leadership, and conducting research to build visibility and understanding of how the nation’s teachers and education leaders impact student learning.

Services to Help You

Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation: Develop and Implement a Learning-Focused Evaluation System

Develop and implement a collaborative learning-focused educator evaluation system that promotes teacher learning and student success.

Professional Development

Engineering for Elementary Students: Custom Teacher Workshops

Implement engineering activities into your elementary school classroom, incorporating the CCSS- Language Arts Standards. Choose from several custom workshops to meet your needs.

Professional Development

English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework Intensive Institute for California Educators

Strengthen your understanding and enact — or facilitate implementation of — rigorous pedagogical practices and deeper learning for culturally and linguistically diverse students. Participate in our three-day institute.

Professional Development

English Learners with Disabilities: Challenges, Strategies, and Tools for Inclusive Schools

Develop and implement academic instruction in the inclusive classroom that addresses the unique needs of English learners with disabilities and other learning difficulties.

Professional Development