The Region 2 Comprehensive Center (R2CC), led by WestEd, works closely with its technical assistance partner, the Education Development Center (EDC) and its evaluation partner, Mathematica, to provide capacity-building technical assistance, content expertise, and other services to effectively support state education agencies (SEAs) and their regional and local constituents in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island.

R2CC staff provide individualized state support and facilitate regional collaboration among the three states. A key focus for R2CC is promoting collaboration among the region’s states by convening a Regional Advisory Board, designed to discuss potential solutions to shared problems of practice.

Unique to R2CC and its region is a commitment to achieving greater collective impact. Working closely with the Regional Educational Laboratory-Northeast and Islands (REL-NEI), R2CC leverages their capacity and expertise in research and data. R2CC also convened a Regional Coordinating Council that coordinated a group of leaders from other federally funded centers, including the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI), the Equity Assistance Center, and others.

In addition to supporting SEA staff in Region 2 states, as well as other key stakeholders and partners, R2CC supports improved educator and student outcomes through the following projects:

  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Regional Projects
  • Collaboration with Other WestEd-led Comprehensive Centers

Project Director
Sarah Barzee