The Regional Education Laboratory West (REL West) operated by WestEd — serving Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah — is part of a national network of 10 RELs that provide research, analytic support, and resources that increase the use of high-quality data and evidence in education decision-making, and link research with practice.

REL West work is carried out in collaboration with educators and other partners at the state and local levels, from preschool through college. This work is focused on high-leverage problems, defined as those that are priorities for regional educators and policymakers, and that could result in substantial improvements in education outcomes for many students or for key subgroups of students. Download a REL West overview handout (PDF) that provides examples of how REL West works in partnership to address high-leverage needs.

REL West focal areas include:

  • supporting English language learners,
  • research-based practices for early learning,
  • using evidence in education,
  • reducing chronic absence,
  • increasing equity,
  • improving and increasing postsecondary pathways, and
  • supporting teachers and leaders.

REL West provides leadership across the 10 RELs on the topic area of multilingual, bilingual, and heritage (MBH) language learners.

Project Director
John Rice

Associate Project Director
Lenay Dunn