Building and Sustaining a Culture of Engaged Academic Literacy

Photo of student reading

How can students gain confidence in their abilities to take up disciplinary reading, solve reading problems, and understand what they read? Through teachers of all discipline areas creating and sustaining a culture of engaged academic literacy across the school community and subject areas.

Learn more in “Building an Engaged Culture of Academic Literacy in Schools.” This WestEd Strategic Literacy Initiative (SLI) article was selected by the International Reading Association (IRA) to promote its downloadable IRA E-ssentials series, Literacy Practices That Adolescents Deserve.

SLI article authors Cynthia Greenleaf, Ruth Schoenbach, and Lynn Murphy offer examples of successful applications of the Reading Apprenticeship instructional framework in secondary schools, as well as practical ideas, examples, and strategies for middle and high school administrators and teachers to consider.

Source: International Reading Association
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