Center on School Turnaround Documents School Improvement Journeys

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The Center for School Turnaround at WestEd is chronicling school improvement journeys as they happen, starting with a remote rural school in Nevada.

Amargosa Valley School houses pre-K–8 students and serves an 18,000 square-mile district where school buses must travel 1.3 million miles annually. Some of the nearest neighbors are the Nevada nuclear testing grounds and Area 51.

The Amargosa Valley school improvement journey has appeared in several blog entries, tweets, a webinar, and two longer articles, called episodes.More installments of the school’s journey are forthcoming in The Journeys Project website, as well as journeys of other schools from around the nation.

Documenting ongoing school improvement efforts helps administrators, policymakers, parents, teachers, and the media understand the effort and commitment needed to make fundamental and sustainable change in a school or district. Such documentation can also serve as guidance for other schools that are undergoing reform.

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