Harnessing the Power of Career Academies to Strengthen Science and Empower Youth

In this workshop, participants will engage in a hands-on experience and discussion about implementation of the National Science Foundation-sponsored GLOBE program — Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment — in green and STEM academies.

Using high-quality research protocols, academy students collect real data, interact with scientists, carry out local projects, and connect with other students in countries throughout the world. This form of work-based learning strengthens students’ understanding of science practices and 21st century skills, while providing opportunities for meaningful community engagement.

WestEd’s Svetlana Darche and Erin Fender of the Career Academy Support Network, University of California, Berkeley, will serve as workshop presenters. This workshop is part of the National Career Academy Coalition 16th Annual Conference in Nashville, TN, November 8-11, 2012.

Darche and Fender will be joined by a local school that is implementing GLOBE in its STEM academy.

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