Join WestEd at the TESOL 2018 International Convention & English Language Expo

Aida Walqui

Aída Walqui, Director of the Teacher Professional Development Program at WestEd, will present in three sessions at the TESOL 2018 International Convention & English Language Expo, March 27–30, in Chicago, Illinois.

On Saturday, March 31, Walqui will present at TESOL’s PreK–12 Day, a day of sessions designed to equip attendees with new strategies and resources for working with English language learners.

View our list of sessions below, and visit us at booth 258 to learn about our resources, research, and services.

Wednesday, March 28

Panel: Trends in K–Adult Education: Teaching Basic and Academic Oracy
Time & Location: 1-2:45pm / N127 (McCormick Place, North Building)
WestEd Participant: Aída Walqui
Description: This panel will focus on instruction in oral language and oral academic language among emergent bilinguals at different proficiency levels and time in English, from early childhood to adulthood. The presenters will highlight oral language teaching practices and perspectives, teacher theory of practice about teaching oral language, and useful tools for the classroom.

Thursday, March 29

Presentation: Developing Language Practices: Engaging ELs’ Sense of Social Justice
Time & Location: 7-7:45am / E451a (McCormick Place, Lakeside Center, East)
WestEd Presenter: Aída Walqui
Description: This presentation will report on the design and implementation of “high challenge/high support” units of study developed for Chicago Public Schools. The work prepares English language learners to be community, college, and career ready while growing their autonomy, voice, and agency. Guidelines for the construction of well-supported, stimulating lessons will be discussed.

Panel: Teaching Writing from a Biliteracy Perspective in K–12 Education
Time & Location: 1-2:45pm / E353a (McCormick Place, Lakeside Center, East)
WestEd Participant: Aída Walqui
Description: This session will explore the complex issues surrounding teaching writing in a new or additional language, aiming to promote biliteracy in today’s bilingual programs. Panel members will explain current research and theories, institutional and local challenges, and successful examples of biliteracy practices for the bilingual classroom.

Saturday, March 31 (PreK–12 Day)

Session: English Language Learners (ELLs) and Native Speakers of English: Bridging Policy and Practice in the Development of Literacies
Time & Location: 8:30–9:45am / McCormick Place Convention Center
WestEd Participant: Aída Walqui
Description: This session provides the theoretical and practical guidelines offered by Chicago Public Schools for the development of disciplinary literacies for all students, with ELLs at the core. Instructional units specifically designed to model high-challenge/high-support pedagogy are shared and a sample of complex scaffolding activities will be experienced.

Session: Leadership in Support of Quality and Equitable Schooling for English Language Learners
Time & Location: 1:30–2:45pm / McCormick Place Convention Center
WestEd Participant: Aída Walqui
Description: Beginning with a definition of the role of leadership in the education of ELLs, this session outlines principles that define and operationalize quality and equity. Video clips are used to illustrate and unpack the principles in action and the support leaders can offer teachers to develop their expertise.

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