Addressing K-12 Standards-Based Education Reform and Implications for English Learners

Photo of the two high school students

Aída Walqui and Nanette Koelsch of WestEd’s Quality Teaching for English Learners cowrote articles published in the September 2014 TESOL Quarterly.

This special issue of the journal focuses on K-12 standards-based education reform and its implications for English language learner students.

Walqui’s article, cowritten with Amanda Kilber and Guadalupe Valdez, explores what standards-based education reform means for English language learner students in primary and secondary schools.

Nanette Koelsch, writing with Haiwen Chu and Gloria Rodriguez Banuelos, examines how to support English language learner students to meet the challenges of the new standards.

Aída Walqui is the Director of the Teacher Professional Development Program at WestEd and Quality Teaching for English Learners, a unique professional development initiative that provides educators with the tools they need to help all students, particularly English language learners, achieve college and career readiness.

Nanette Koelsch is a Senior Research Associate in the Teacher Professional Development Program at WestEd.

This special issue of the TESOL Quarterly* is available now.

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Read the original article: TESOL Quarterly (September 2014)

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