Learn to Build Science and Literacy Skills, Simultaneously

Cynthia Greenleaf

What if science teachers did not have to choose between engaging students in scientific practices and building their literacy skills? Join WestEd at the 2018 National Science Teachers Association Conference for a presentation titled, “Reframing Reading as an Inquiry Practice of Science.”

This presentation will offer compelling reasons to read in science classes, as well as provide science-supportive ways to do so. Attendees will learn about examples of curriculum and watch videos of science classrooms that illustrate how reframing reading as an investigation can help students develop science and literacy knowledge simultaneously.


Cynthia Greenleaf
Co-Director, Strategic Literacy Initiative

Date & Location

March 15, 2018
3:30pm – 4:30pm
Atlanta, Georgia

To learn more about Reading Apprenticeship and its impact, visit the project website.

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