Pathways to College: Next Steps for Utah

This invitation-only event, presented by WestEd’s Regional Education Laboratory West and Southwest Comprehensive Center, in partnership with the offices of the Utah Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Commissioner of Higher Education, will bring together key Utah K-16 education leaders who have committed to work jointly to address issues and challenges related to college readiness, access, and success.

William Tierney, panel chair for the IES practice guide, Helping Students Navigate the Path to College: What High Schools Can Do, will present an overview of the guide and discuss the five evidence-based recommendations.

The research overview will be followed by a Utah-specific presentation focusing on current demographic, education, and economic data to contextualize the state’s issues and challenges.

The state superintendent, the higher education commissioner, and a representative of the governor will summarize in a panel conversation key recommendations that have emerged from their respective commissioned task forces. Participants will then have an opportunity to work in small, facilitated mixed-role groups to reflect on the information presented (practice guide recommendations, state context data, task force reports) and to develop and communicate priorities and next steps.

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