Webinar: Doing What Works—Research-Based Practices in Action

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Register for the Doing What Works—Research-Based Practices in Action webinar.

Date: Thursday, March 26, 2015
Time: Noon-1:15pm (Pacific Time)

Join us for this webinar, where you will:

  • Learn about the source of the materials in Institute of Education Sciences Practice Guides that summarize research and provide research-based recommendations
  • Wealth of resources in the Doing What Works Library, how they are organized, and how to access them easily
  • Gain insight into how DWW research-based resources may be adapted for use in a variety of technical assistance scenarios
  • Learn from a practitioner how the resources were applied in a state context to help educators implement research-based practices in literacy and mathematics instruction

This webinar, hosted by the Regional Educational Laboratory West at WestEd, is ideal for state and regional educators.


  • Nikki Filby, Director, Innovation Studies and Regional Educational Laboratory West, WestEd
  • Sylvie Hale, Director of Program Development and Strategic Planning, Innovation Studies, WestEd
  • Melissa Josue, Administrative Assistant, Innovation Studies, WestEd
  • Gregory Keith, Director, School Support Division, Minnesota Department of Education

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