Webinar: Literacy for the Science Classroom—Think, Read, Talk, and Write Like a Scientist

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Literacy for the Science Classroom—Think, Read, Talk, and Write Like a Scientist. A webinar.

Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Join us for this webinar, where you will learn about the science practices outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards that offer opportunities for students to develop disciplinary literacy.

We will explore how reading, writing, listening, and speaking are used in the science discipline to develop knowledge of science.


Karen Cerwin, K-12 Science Regional Director, WestEd
Kathy DiRanna, K-12 Alliance Director, WestEd
Maria Simani, Executive Director, California Science Project

Visit the Registration Page to register and learn more about this upcoming webinar sponsored by WestEd and the Secondary Literacy Partnership.

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  1. Diana Abasta says:

    May I have a copy of the Power point presentation? Two of us who are working on professional development on ELA/NGSS would like to use this Webinar, but we need to see ahead of time what is being presented.

    Thank you,
    Diana Abasta

    • Colleen Montoya says:

      Hi Diana, We are still working on the PowerPoint presentation and will be glad to share when it is available. The webinar will include the professional learning module that is available on Kathy DiRanna’s digital chalkboard, and then will use examples of how argumentation is done in scientific fields and how we can have students engage in argumentation in the classroom. The PowerPoint presentation should be completed by next week. Thanks, Diana, for your interest!