Webinar: New York State School Improvement and Common Core Implementation

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This webinar is now archived.

Common Core State Standards, personalized learning, school improvement, instructional differentiation—with so many competing priorities, districts in New York State face an unprecedented challenge in prioritizing and managing the changes underway in New York’s education system.

This free WestEd webinar for New York State schools and districts will help you understand how to bring coherence to the various changes underway in your district and provide an evidence-based framework to understand and prioritize competing needs. You will hear from one K-8 school in Rochester City School District using research-based analysis to understand and prioritize their work and move coherently from planning to action.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • An evidence-based process for understanding the current assets and needs of your school or district.
  • A method for prioritizing often-competing needs and initiatives.
  • How one K-8 school in Rochester City School District has partnered with WestEd to prioritize its efforts and move from plan to action.

Presenters include:

  • Robert Rosenfeld, Lead Trainer and School Assistance and Intervention Team Lead, WestEd
  • Kathy Dunne, Director of Professional Development, Learning Innovations, WestEd
  • Terrence Hofer, School Transformation Coach, WestEd
  • Rodney Moore, Principal, Nathanial Rochester School No. 3, Rochester City School District

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