WestEd Staff to Present at the American Evaluation Association's Annual Conference

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Register for the Evaluation 2014 conference.

WestEd will have a significant presence at the 28th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association.

Join our staff, who will present on a variety of topics related to education (see below). In addition, stop by the WestEd table in the exhibit area to learn more about our career opportunities, research, services, and products.

Thursday, October 16

Session: End Users and Educational Technology Evaluation
Time & Location: 8-9:30am, Mineral G

Presentation: Formative Evaluation in the Development of Educational Media
WestEd Presenters: Betsy McCarthy, Linlin Li, Michelle Tiu

Session: Examining Global Youth Education Programs through Evaluation
Time & Location: 8-9:30am, Room 105

Presentation: Using Systematic Review to Evaluate Education Interventions in the Developing World
WestEd Presenter: Claire Morgan

Friday, October 17

Session: Data Visualization and Reporting
Time & Location:
5:30-6:15pm, Room 107

Presentation: A Systematic Approach for Aggregating Text Responses in a Large-Scale Formative Evaluation
WestEd Presenters:  Kerry L. Kriener-Althen, Sam Ruiz Jimenez, Sara Miller

Saturday, October 18

Session: Evaluation Managers and Supervisors
Time & Location: 7-7:50am, Centennial E, Table 17

Presentation: Lessons from the Trenches: Project Management for Evaluators Working with Small Budgets
WestEd Presenter: Jerry Hipps

Session: Supporting Educator Effectiveness: An Inside Look at How Regional Educational Laboratories Work with Policymakers and Practitioners to Conduct Research, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance
Time & Location:
9:45-10:15am, Room 703

Presentation: A Study of the Implementation of a State Educator Evaluation System (Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Northeast and Islands)
WestEd Presenter: Natalie Lacireno-Paquet

Presentation: Supporting the Piloting and Formative Evaluation of New Teacher Assessments & Evaluation Systems through a Multi-State Research Alliance (REL West)
WestEd Presenter: Reino Makkonen

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