WestEd's Kevin Perks Co-Authors New Book and Article

Motivation to Learn Cover

WestEd’s Kevin Perks co-authored an article, “Navigating the Classroom Current,” published recently in Educational Leadership.

The article builds off the recently published book also co-authored by Perks, Motivation to Learn: Transforming Classroom Culture to Support Student Achievement.

According to the Educational Leadership article, motivation is always present in the classroom and needs only to be harnessed to increase student learning.

“Like river guides, by being watchful and adapting to the situation at hand, by reflecting on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and by being modest enough to recognize that we can always improve our technique, we prepare ourselves to navigate the obstacles in teaching and to harness the motivation that is ever present but sometimes buried deep beneath the surface,” states the Educational Leadership article.

Perks is a District Services Program Associate for WestEd’s Learning Innovations program. He works with schools, districts, and state agencies to improve their capacity to support learning outcomes for students and educators.

Source: Educational Leadership
Read the original article: Navigating the Classroom Current

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