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Glen Harvey

Glen Harvey became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WestEd in June 1997 and has led the agency’s transformation to a mission-driven and quality- and impact-focused agency.

Under Harvey’s leadership, WestEd emphasizes performing the highest quality research-based work to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults. Harvey ensures that WestEd produces significant and positive impact, especially for those children and their families in greatest need.

Harvey emphasizes a cross-disciplinary approach to improving education and fostering human development from infancy to adulthood. To meet the diverse needs of clients and communities, she has concentrated on expanding and deepening full-service work – launching high profile projects, publishing rigorous research studies, and providing valuable technical assistance and professional learning.

In 2014, Harvey launched WestEd 2020, an initiative for all WestEd staff to explore the state of the agency, focusing on agency values, aspirations, work, and the future. Together, staff identified priority areas that, through collaborative, cross-program capacity building and projects, would ultimately lead to increased contribution to clients and more rapid progress in achieving the agency’s mission. Harvey continues to champion these areas of work, working with staff across all WestEd’s programs and departments.

WestEd has received recognition as among the best in its class in its work in research, development, and service. Under Harvey’s leadership, the agency has created an internal atmosphere that fosters staff productivity and creativity.

Harvey previously served as Executive Director of Learning Innovations and of The Regional Laboratory for Educational Improvement of the Northeast & Islands, both based in New England.

She received a BA with concentrations in psychology and sociology and an MA in social and philosophical foundations of education from the University of Kentucky; and an AM in philosophy and a PhD in philosophy of education from Stanford University.