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JoAnn Cox

JoAnn Cox is the Associate Director of School and District Services with the Comprehensive School Assistance Program at WestEd.

She works to transform education systems in partnership with state and local educators, families, and communities to strengthen teaching and learning. Many of her projects focus on leading change that positively affects outcomes for students, especially those disadvantaged by income, race, ability, and/or language.

Cox has held various positions in education for over 35 years, including working at the district level as a curriculum specialist, at the Florida Department of Education as a state school improvement leader with high-needs schools, and leading and working on district and state-level efficiency and effectiveness review teams.

She has earned a national reputation as one of the most accomplished consultants on improving student outcomes and generating savings for financially challenged organizations. She has expertise in school district and state department operational efficiency, providing technical assistance to struggling schools, district and state organization and management, strategic planning, and parent and community involvement. She has led diverse education teams in more than 157 school district efficiency and effectiveness reviews, audits, and/or evaluations in 34 states.

Cox received a BS, MS, and EdD in educational leadership and administration from Florida State University.