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Julie Duffield

Senior Research Associate Julie Duffield manages webinars for SchoolsMovingUp, WestEd’s award-winning school improvement initiative that helps schools and districts address the challenge of raising student achievement in low-performing schools.

Duffield also works on school improvement projects as a member of WestEd’s Comprehensive School Assistance Program

She brings to her WestEd work more than 30 years of experience both within and outside of the classroom, including working with diverse learners.

Duffield has been an early adopter of using technology to support educator learning, engagement, and communities of practice. Beginning in the early 1980s, she provided technical assistance to educators on language arts for English language learners in remote rural communities, using technology to support professional development.

She also has worked on state and federal initiatives to apply technology to support student learning; for example, as a member of WestEd’s Distance Learning Resource Network.

Currently, Duffield collaborates with diverse stakeholders as part of the School Turnaround Learning Community and the Center on School Turnaround. One of her key roles is supporting stakeholders in building and sharing their knowledge as well as convening to discuss implementation practices.

In 2005, Duffield and her SchoolsMovingUp colleagues received the Annual Award for Exceptional Contribution to the WestEd Community. Duffield also received the Ed Myers Award for Exceptional Contribution to the WestEd Community for 2010.

She received a BA in psychology from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; a teaching diploma from Kedron College, Brisbane, Australia; and a technology in education certificate from the University of California, Santa Cruz.