Kathleen Comfort

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Kathy Comfort
Kathleen Comfort serves as Principal Investigator and Director of the Partnership for the Assessment of Standards-Based Science (PASS) at WestEd. She also is Principal Investigator of two National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported research projects: the PASS/California Systemic Initiatives Assessment Collaborative Data Study and the Research in Standards-based Science Assessment. Previously, Comfort directed the science assessment portion of the California Department of Education statewide testing programs. She was a Senior Research Associate for Project 2061 at the American Association for the Advancement of Science; Coordinator of the Shasta County (California) Assessment System; Science Education Specialist; mentor teacher; and classroom teacher. Comfort has served on numerous national science assessment committees, panels, and reviews. She has also consulted to other states, and Puerto Rico, in the development of large-scale science assessment programs. She was a coauthor of and participant in the NSF-supported RAND/California Department of Education/Stanford University science assessment feasibility study, and has published articles, reports, and documents on performance assessment in science. She served as editor of the AAAS publication, This Year in School Science, and as a coauthor on the National Research Council's National Academy of Sciences publication on classroom assessment. Comfort received a BA from The College of New Jersey, an MEd from Western Washington University, and a California Teaching Credential from California State University, Los Angeles.