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Kenwyn Derby

Senior Research Associate Kenwyn Derby joined WestEd in 2002 and is a member of the Research-Practice Partnerships team. She has worked in the Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West) since 2006. Derby’s work focuses on partnering with educators and policymakers to generate and apply evidence in decision-making to improve student outcomes.

The projects Derby has led and collaborated on emphasize equitable access and outcomes through, for example, increased participation in early education and reduction in K–12 chronic absence and school dropout. Strategies encompass partnering on local research projects, providing technical assistance to districts on data-informed improvement work, and holding statewide events on critical topics. Other responsibilities have included assessing regional needs for evidence-based information and leading collaboration with other RELs.

Initially, Derby was a member of WestEd’s Program Services department, planning strategic meetings of agency leaders, leading projects at the direction of the Executive Team, and facilitating the Program Task Force, which included staff from across the agency who collaborated to improve project efficiency.

Derby has twice received an Annual Award for Exceptional Contribution to the WestEd Community — one as an individual, for strengthening team functioning and productivity and supporting the external reputation of the agency, and the other as part of the SchoolsMovingUp leadership team.

Derby received a BA in political science and Spanish from Amherst College and an MS in organizational psychology from San Francisco State University. She expects to earn an MSW from the University of Utah in 2021.