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Melissa Lambert

Melissa Lambert is the Engagement Manager for English Learner Services with the Comprehensive School Assistance Program (CSAP) at WestEd. She supports schools, districts, and states in developing and implementing English Learner Master Plans and content standards and assessments with an emphasis on English language development.

Lambert believes that building capacity to transform the quality of instruction for all students is done through articulation and clarity of vision, designing high-impact/manageable plans and cinching opportunities for reflection and feedback directly impacting student progress. She keeps student equity and student voice at the center of her work as she strives for high-quality professional learning and planning, all the while challenging each educator’s mindset to accelerate and sustain continuous improvement.

Formerly, as a district supervisor in the San Francisco Unified School District, Lambert helped lead the districtwide implementation of a P-12 core curriculum (ELA, ELD, and content literacy), including designing and delivering high-quality, ongoing professional development for site leaders and teacher leaders to equitably meet student needs.

As a former Director with Konocti Unified School District in California, Lambert shaped innovative site leadership through developing strategic site plans to emphasize teacher clarity and a focus on targeting/close monitoring of student impact. This work included designing and leading a new Medical Career Pathway High School, which received the first Middle College High School Grant in the region.

Lambert has served as a secondary math and science teacher, adolescent literacy/reading teacher and instructional coach, and has been involved with women in leadership with a focus on girls in math, science, and technology.

She received a BA in liberal studies/fine arts from San Francisco State University, and an MEd and Administrative Services Certification from the University of California, Berkeley.