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Sara Atienza

Research Associate Sara Atienza has worked extensively on formative and summative evaluations related to technology use in education. She is a member of WestEd’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program.

Atienza serves as one of the lead researchers for the Ready to Learn initiative, a five-year grant with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS with funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

At WestEd, Atienza coordinated the evaluation of the PBS KIDS Transmedia Suites in preschool homes.

Currently, Atienza is working with PBS developers to maximize the education potential of digital assets through formative user testing. With finalized transmedia suites, she has led formal evaluations to test the education efficacy of online and mobile games in both classrooms and out-of-school time programs.

She has played an integral role in conducting a national needs assessment centered on technology use in the home and classroom. She has also managed the evaluation of professional development modules related to integrating technology into kindergarten classrooms and coordinated a study evaluating the effectiveness of a transmedia-based summer curriculum.

Atienza serves as a member on WestEd’s Institutional Review Board.

Prior to joining WestEd in 2010, Atienza managed several evaluations of online learning programs. These evaluations included randomized controlled studies evaluating the districtwide implementation of a literacy-based online program in Florida and South Carolina.

Atienza received a BA in economics and sociology from the University of California, Davis and an MEd from Stanford University.