Principal Evaluation Resource Collection

Principal Evaluation Resource Collection Developed by the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd

This free collection provides examples and features of effective principal evaluation systems employed by states and districts. Resources include considerations for developing local systems, examples of implementation processes and resources that support these systems, and literature reviews identifying themes and perspectives that might be useful to practitioners and policymakers working to improve district principal evaluation systems.

The collection, developed the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd, can be useful for both research and practice purposes, providing multiple examples of current principal evaluation policies and systems. Information in this collection can help states and districts identify resources to be considered in taking appropriate next steps to evaluate school leaders, design an evaluation method, and/or to buy a program or service.

resource1107Key Features of a Comprehensive Principal Evaluation System
This in-depth review of research and literature identifies 13 key features as critical in establishing a comprehensive principal evaluation system.

resource1108A Brief Overview of Principal Evaluation Literature: Implications for Selecting Evaluation Models
The brief presents highlights from Policies and Practices of Principal Evaluation: A Review of the Literature, a comprehensive review of principal evaluation systems.

resource1104The Policies and Practices of Principal Evaluation: A Review of the Literature
This comprehensive literature review identifies themes and perspectives, and provides insights into how to best evaluate school principals.

resource1105How Six States are Implementing Principal Evaluation Systems
This brief provides policymakers and practitioners with information and web links related to principal evaluation policies and systems in six states.

Cover image of An Overview of Commercially Available Principal Evaluation ResourcesAn Overview of Commercially Available Principal Evaluation Resources
This brief can assist state and district leaders in making decisions about commercially available principal evaluation resources that may be useful.

resource1109How Four Districts Crafted Innovative Principal Evaluation Systems: Success Stories in Collaboration
This publication uses informal case studies to provide concrete examples of innovative and effective principal evaluation systems.