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Standards, Assessment, and Accountability Services

The Standards, Assessment, and Accountability Services program is nationally recognized for developing and implementing high-quality, fully integrated standards-based assessment systems for all levels, pre-K through postsecondary.

Focused on ensuring that assessment systems are valid, fair, and aligned with rigorous standards, WestEd’s Standards, Assessment, and Accountability Services (SAAS) program provides states and education entities with assessment development services as well as policy guidance and technical assistance on building effective, aligned school, district, and educator accountability systems.

From planning and development to implementation and evaluation, SAAS staff members provide technical and policy support to promote responsible and effective testing practices, including the design, implementation, and validation of state-developed and locally developed measures.

Our work includes test development services for high-stakes assessment programs in several states, standards evaluation and revision, and studies of alignment between standards, curriculum, and assessments.

Program researchers and content experts engage in projects that address persistent and emerging issues related to incorporation of rigorous academic content standards and measuring instructional effectiveness for populations of diverse learners.

SAAS also houses the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation (CSAI), a federally designated content center charged with providing research-supported technical assistance to regional comprehensive centers and state departments of education.

ASDS Program Director Andy Latham

Program Director

Andrew Latham

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