California Comprehensive Center

WestEd operates the California Comprehensive Center (CA CC), 1 of 15 Regional Comprehensive Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

With California’s diverse student population and complex needs, technical assistance is essential to extend the capacity of the California Department of Education (CDE) and other state-level stakeholders.

Through the CA CC, WestEd-with its partner, American Institutes for Research-provides intensive technical assistance to the CDE in several areas, including:

  • Ensuring a high-quality schooling framework to support effective instruction and student outcomes
  • Planning and successfully implementing the Common Core State Standards
  • Supporting educator excellence
  • Increasing capacity to support productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency

By providing technical assistance in each of the above areas, the CA CC helps build the CDE’s capacity to support its stated mission to provide a “world-class education for all students, from early childhood to adulthood…[to] prepare students to live, work, and thrive in a highly connected world.”