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California Inclusion and Behavior Consultation (CIBC) Network

The California Inclusion and Behavior Consultation (CIBC) Network is a resource and technical assistance project of the Center for Prevention & Early Intervention at WestEd and the California Department of Education Early Education & Support Division.

The goal of the CIBC Network is to support early care and education (ECE) programs and providers to respond effectively to all children, with a focus on those young children with disabilities, challenging behaviors, and other special needs.

Technical assistance may take the form of individual site consultation, provision of resources, formulation of training plans, referral, and other methods based on the unique needs of the program and providers.

Inclusion and Behavior Consultants help providers develop the skills and tools needed to be successful as they support the development and early learning of all children. Consultants confer with providers, observe environments, facilitate development of action plans, and support site implementation of those plans.

The CIBC relationship-based consultant model emphasizes strengthening relationships among ECE providers, parents, children, and representatives of community systems and resources. Reflective practice is integrated into the onsite consultation model.

The CIBC Network supports California’s evidence-based social-emotional foundations and inclusive practices for infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children.

The California Inclusion and Behavior Consultation Network website has more information or call 877.524.2422.