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Formative Evaluation of the California Teacher Residency Grant Program

WestEd is conducting an external formative evaluation of the Teacher Residency Grant Program administered by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Evaluation findings are intended to help

  • practitioners know whether the changes they are making are likely to move their residency programs closer to having desired characteristics;
  • policymakers and funders know the extent to which programs are implementing effective practices that are the precursors to improved outcomes; and
  • technical assistance providers know how grantees participating in the California Residency Lab are experiencing the Residency Lab system of support and to know which aspects of the support are especially effective.

All partnerships receiving Teacher Residency Grants are part of the evaluation, regardless of whether they are participating in the Residency Lab. The evaluation activities are intended to provide feedback quickly and to enable stakeholders to adjust their work as this initiative evolves.

WestEd is keeping all grantees informed through a series of briefs summarizing learnings from the evaluation. Download them below.

California Teacher Residency Program Formative Evaluation Overview

This brief introduces the formative evaluation, including the key guiding questions intended to drive its data identification, collection, and analysis.

Download (PDF)

Early Learning from Formative Evaluation of California’s Teacher Residency Grant Program

Drawing from the first year of the evaluation, this brief shares early findings on four important aspects of the teacher residency model: partnership, resident recruitment, mentorship, and alignment of coursework and clinical practice.

Download (PDF)

CA Teacher Residency

Launching the California Teacher Residency Grant Program: Findings from Year 1 (2019/20)

This report summarizes learnings from the California Teacher Residency Grant Program’s first year of implementation, 2019–20. It presents early evidence on leading indicators of employ­ment outcomes and findings about how central aspects of grantee partnerships are func­tioning from the perspectives of key stakehold­ers.

Download (PDF)

CA Teacher ResidencyHow Residency Programs Are Organizing Mentor Teacher Professional Learning During Distance Learning

As a part of WestEd’s Spotlights on Practice Case Study series, this frist brief focuses on how teacher residency programs are shaping their practices to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, and shifting their in-person programs online.

Download (PDF)

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