Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation

WestEd and CRESST, two national leaders in standards, assessment, and accountability have joined forces to provide high-quality services as the Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation (CSAI).

CSAI helps regional Comprehensive Centers, state education agencies, regional education agencies, and local education agencies  build their capacity to implement rigorous college- and career-readiness standards and comprehensive assessment systems by providing a comprehensive set of services, tools, and other resources.

CSAI has four primary goals:

  • Improve policies, practices, and support to districts for implementation of rigorous college- and career-readiness standards and assessments
  • Increase the capacity of the regional Comprehensive Centers to meet the technical assistance needs of states in increasing the capacity of teachers to deliver effective instruction and of principals to serve as effective instructional leaders
  • Continuously improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness to support the long-term sustainability of reform efforts
  • Expand its reach through successful collaboration with national associations, other research and technical assistance centers, and other organizations

Our dissemination strategies — which capitalize on technology enhancements to promote engagement, efficiency, and effectiveness — leverage resources from a range of federal networks, including Regional Educational Laboratories, Equity Centers, and regional Comprehensive Centers.