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Charter School Teachers Online

Charter School Teachers Online provided high-quality professional development to support charter school teachers through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement.

Recognizing that teachers in stand-alone charter schools, who are not part of a network, may find it especially challenging to access effective professional development, WestEd developed eight innovative online learning modules for charter school teachers to learn to implement research-based instructional practices.

In each module, a cohort of teachers participated in facilitated activities, classroom implementation, discussion, and sharing what works through an online forum.

WestEd partnered with charter school intermediary organizations in California, Michigan, New York, Arizona, Washington D.C., Colorado, and Ohio to offer 8 online modules to charter school teachers on reading and math topics. These topics were based on the Doing What Works website materials that, in turn, were based on the recommended practices from research reviews by the Institute of Education Sciences.

All modules were aligned to Common Core State Standards.