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Evaluation of Montgomery County’s Drug and Alcohol Programs

WestEd has been funded by the Office of Drug and Alcohol in Montgomery County to assist in evaluation planning, program evaluation implementation, and comprehensive reporting of alcohol and drug programing in the county. Specifically, WestEd is designing data-collection procedures, training program providers on data collection, and providing analysis and reporting for all evidenced-based programs provided in schools as well as other prevention programing offered throughout the county. WestEd assisted with a county-wide needs assessment process and is continuing to develop evaluation strategies to measure the impact of the county’s funded programs.

The key evaluation questions are to assess the impact of the county’s drug and alcohol programming, which is designed to increase students’ protective factors and decrease or prevent students’ substance use.

The evaluation is utilizing a mix of strategies, including surveys and focus groups. In the first year of the evaluation, program providers collected pre- and post-surveys from over 14,000 students. WestEd created data dashboards for each implemented program to show changes in student perceptions and knowledge following program participation.