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Green 360

Green 360 is an online community and curricular resource that helps cultivate high school and college-age students into the next generation “green” workforce.

The Green 360 Community is the project hub. It includes information about environmental challenges and career opportunities. “Green Gurus” blog about their green work, and career coaches share tips for career exploration.

The Career Catalyst is a free career exploration tool within Green 360. Users of all ages take a career interests inventory and explore jobs from the Department of Labor jobs database that match their interests. A private locker stores job information for future reference.

Another feature of Green 360 is the Online Course targeted toward 11th and 12th graders in class or community programs. In 12 sessions, students learn about 10 sustainability challenges and four changemaker roles, and how they show up in their community. Students discover and express their interests, and develop research and interview skills that inform their career exploration.

Green 360 is funded by Pacific Gas & Electric Company and approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.